Leadership63 Nation Building Zoom Webinar Session


Leadership63 Nation Building project is aligned with the vision of the African Union (AU) towards agenda 2063 which is to raise African leaders that will unite and work together to make Africa prosperous, eradicate poverty and inequality and to make Africa to be one of the top Economic Hubs in the world. We believe the vision for Africa is the vision that comes from God and as sons of God we are called to partake in this vision to make Africa the better continent for all. One of the aim of this project is to empower believers on how to win souls in cooperate and marketplace, help them identify their purpose and God’s agenda towards the marketplace for South Africa and the entire African continent.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic virus that had the whole world under lockdown and seeing global markets early March crash and lost $6 trillion in value in just a matter of six days, we decided as the Accendo Team to have a Leadership63 Nation Building Webinar Session on the 09th of April 2020 to discuss if the current economic model is godly or not? If a virus can affect global markets immensely, is it something we can rely on and have faith on. Is there probably a Kingdom Economic Model that exists but we do not adhere to?

Such times where we are seeing business affected, some closing down and some having problems cash flow can even result in Christian Business man not acting in a moral way towards their staff and their suppliers. We had to discuss what it means to be a Christian Entrepreneur and discussed ways on how you can assist your business to survive during this economic crisis.


We invited a series of speakers to discuss on different subjects in regards to the current economic model. Share on the Kingdom Economic Model and also Marketplace Evangelism.
Listen to the 17 to 27 minutes Webinar Podcast Session of every speaker, sharing on different subjects in regards to the current economic model.

Pieter Scholtz is a country partner for ActionCoach Southern Africa. He leads a team of experienced Business and Executive Coaches. His goal is to grow businesses, business owners and executive teams so that they are able to effect lasting change in the business community and their communities at large.

Patrick is the founder of Crossover Transformation Group, an organization focused on offering Value Co-Creation services, a field of expertise focused on accelerating business and economic growth. He is also involved in leadership and entrepreneurship development in Africa and Asia.

Mr. Langa the Crown Prince of King Zwide Ka Langa is the Chairman of Commonwealth Conference Africa whose mission statement is to develop and build Africa’s economies, equilibrium to the global economy. To redefine the concept of Africa to its original context. To raise a Capitalistic approach in business and Governance. To partner with global communities, corporate world and governments with interest to promote the inclusive New Economy for the betterment of the people of Africa. He is also the President of Ecoforum, a Christian political party.

Paul Tsolo is an entrepreneur and is the founder and executive director of Pure Leadership Institute (PLI), a company that saw an opportunity to capitalize on the shortage of leadership ability amongst the youth and within companies. . In 2019 he was selected to be part of the United People Global (UPG) champion and sustainability leader, an organization that does intensive work with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations that solely focus on raising awareness, harnessing belief, increasing collaborations for sustainability, and developing a community of global leaders who will seek to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


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