Evangelistic Humanitarian Campaign Holfontein

Our phase 2 of the Evangelistic Humanitarian Campaign took place on the 12th of September 2020 in the community of Holfontein. This is the community that is located in Mpumalanga, Trichardt just on the N17 highway. 80% of the population in the community is found unemployed and 90% not saved.

As the Accendo Ministries team we reached out to this community on the 12th of September 2020. What happened was unprecedented. We gave out 450 food parcels to the community, 2100 sanitary pads, 500 bibles and we also Evangelized in the community, that about 70% of the 90% not saved got saved.

Our strategy in reaching out to the community was based on Isaiah 66:8, “Can a nation be born in a day, can a nation be bought forth in a moment?” To achieve this we collaborated with the churches in Holfontein, including the churches in the nearby community called Embalenhle. We did Evangelism trainings with the members of the churches preparing them to witness with us on the 12th of September 2020. We understood that for us to reach out to the whole community in one day, we needed other believers to join us and witness with us to the people of Holfontein.

We decided to use different Evangelism strategies to reach out to the community to ensure maximum impact. We reached out to the kids in the area using the Jesus Film and 80% of the kids gave their lives to Jesus

One of our trained team member ministering to the kids after watching the Jesus Film.
We also decided to go house to house and also on the streets to preach the gospel. The sick was also prayed for on the streets. One man who was lame because he got into an accident, was prayed for and instantly was healed. 55% of the household and people reached on the streets gave their lives to Jesus.
One of our trained team member ministering the Gospel house to house.

We also reached out to the Women of Holfontein. Because of the level of poverty in Holfontein, most Women gave themselves to prostitution just so that they can support their kids and put food on the table. Because of that, we had to preach different salvation message to them. 75% of the women gave their lives to Jesus.

One of our Evangelists, Charmaine, ministering to the Women in the Community of Holfontein.

We ended the day with a soul-winning crusade. Because of the miracles that took place on the streets and with the Women’s ministry, a word went out to the streets that people are getting healed and almost all the community members flocked to the crusade ground. There was a strong move of the spirit that most were caught under the anointing as they got to the ground. Evangelist Andy Mahlagaume ministered on a scripture in the book of Acts 3:6 where Peter spoke to the lame man who was at the gate called beautiful that for silver and gold he does not have but what he has it is the name of the Lord, that the lame man immediately rose up and walked in the name of Jesus.
People were convicted by the Holy Spirit that many rushed to the altar call to give their lives to Jesus.

People giving their lives to Jesus at the Community of Holfontein.

Because of the need in the community of Holfontein, we also gave food parcels, sanitary pads and also donated clothes to the community. The aim was to donate 500 food parcels but because of the shortage on food parcels we could only give a 100 that we as the team we decided to divide the food parcels so that we can give out to 200. On the day of the campaign when we were packing food on the field to give out, miraculously the food was over 500. God multiplied the food that we ended up giving 450 to the community. The miracle of the food multiplying amazed the local pastors we were working with that most of them their faith ignited.

Deon from Beginet giving out a food parcel to the elderly in the community of Holfontein.
Our team with 2100 sanitary pads that was distributed to teenage girls.

What transpired at Holfontein was unprecedented. Can a community be saved in a day, can it be bought forth in a moment? On the 12th of September 2020 we saw exactly that.

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