• Accendo Ministries

Accendo Ministries is an existing non-profit organization founded in August 2017 by Andy Mahlagaume who is currently the President of the Ministry. The Board of Directors and Officers are spirit filled believers in Christ who possess the skills, education, anointing for purpose and employment background to effectively direct the Ministry.

Accendo Ministries is an evangelistic organization that was founded on a scripture in Isaiah 66:8; “Can a nation be born in a day or nation be bought forth in a moment”. To see this shifting from being a vision to being a reality, the ministry was further divided into four streams that will flow into a nation to transform, to generate greater influence and leave a lasting impact.


A collaboration of mission teams, movements and churches to set a generation into their missionary calling by committing to reach a generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


A prayer movement founded by Johan JT Terblanche from Doxa Deo Church. Accendo Ministries is part of the collaboration with the youth and young adult pastors from different churches in Pretoria. The prayer is focused on rallying the youth and young adults to answer the call to prayer and stand in the gap for their nation.


A project targeted at Marketplace Christian Believers. Our aim in this project is to empower believers on how to win souls in the marketplace, help them identify their purpose and God’s agenda towards the marketplace for South Africa. Leadership63 is aligned with the vision of the African Union (AU) towards agenda 2063 which is to raise African leaders that will unite and work together to make Africa prosperous, eradicate poverty and inequality and to make Africa to be one of the top Economic Hubs in the world. We believe the vision for Africa is the vision that comes from God and as sons of God we are called to partake in this vision to make Africa the better continent for all.


Mass soul winning crusade targeted at the Middle East in Asia. According to Pew Research it is believed that there is less than 1% of Christians in the Middle East. An urgency of soul winning is required in this continent.

The aforementioned is not affiliated to any denomination and has never planted a church nor will it ever do so in the future.

Accendo Ministries’ focus for the next 11 years is South Africa. The ministry aligned itself to the 2030 vision of South Africa in which the National Development Plan aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030. With Accendo vision 2030 for South Africa, the aim is to see South Africa being a Kingdom Nation and these starts with men repenting from their sins and making Jesus the Lord of their lives.

Thou Accendo Ministries’ focus for the next 11 years is South Africa, it is also called to bring transformation in the Middle East through the soul winning Harvest Crusade project. The ministry will have one soul winning harvest crusade project in the Middle East per year then will launch fully in the Middle East when it has completed its mission in South Africa for the next 11 years.