Pastors, leaders, churches and movements this is your exclusive invitation to join us for this mission trip to the Middle East.

The Call

In 2015, Andy Mahlagaume had a vision where the spirit of the Lord took him to the middle east. As he was there, he was standing on the high mountain where he could see the the whole of the middle east and he saw millions of people wearing white praying and worshiping the Lord Jesus. To his amazement Andy was confused in the vision as he knows that the middle east has few Christian believers. Then the spirit of the Lord spoke to him and said, Andy don’t be amazed this people that you see here have accepted me as their Lord and savior and when you came here to preach the gospel they accepted me. Andy responded and said but Lord I have never went to preach the Gospel to the middle east then the Lord responded by saying I am sending you now and what you see here has already happened. Since then Andy’s life was radically transformed.

Asia is the less reached continent in the world and according to pew research it is believed that there is less than 1% of Christians in the middle east. An urgency for soul winning is needed.

Will you join us for this magnificent mission trip?